Devil's law

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Xin Ruan hurriedly supported her, like a child who had done something wrong,heavy duty rack manufacturers, and stammered, "I'm sorry, Grandma." The situation is a bit.. Complex He Me and him.. I did get married.

"Yes, I know." Prince Chen nodded and hesitated for a moment. When he looked up, his face was grave. "Not to mention the Griffin Knight, we have estimated that this kind of arms is expensive and rare, and it is impossible to form a large scale.". It was his thunder ride. This Du Wei has been hiding the cavalry, burst out of the fighting capacity, really surprised me ah. Ten thousand thunder riding, in the field, frontal charge, the orcs will lose their armor, which is absolutely impossible for any human army before! "Your Highness, are you worried." Camicillo said half a sentence carefully. No, I'm just curious. The Prince Regent suddenly smiled. His smile was very Frank. "Shouldn't I be curious?"? Du Wei's men have too many strengths that I don't know. As the master of the Empire, it would be strange if I showed no interest at all. Looking at the calm smiling face of the Regent, on the handsome face, the smile is as elegant as ever, the eyes are wise,shuttle rack system, and there is a kind of confidence to control everything. Camisiro sighed in his heart, but with a frightened look on his face, he quickly bowed his head and said, "Your Highness, I didn't mean that.". I mean.. First fully understand! I still can't figure out how such a strange cavalry was formed. Some of the army's horse experts have also entered the study for many days, and have never figured out how this strange giant horse came out. "The court magician can't figure it out." Prince Chen smiled. "But the only thing that's certain is that it's different from the Griffin Knight." This kind of thunder rides, as a kind of army with strong combat effectiveness,heavy duty metal racks, it can be formed in large quantities! That's what attracted me. Camisilo gritted his teeth. "Maybe …" We can find a way to check in the northwest. "No." Prince Chen immediately shook his head and rejected the proposal, but he deliberately took a deep look at Camisiro: "Are you a little slow in your mind?"? To make such a suggestion. Du Wei's secrecy measures have been very good, and the northwest has already become his base camp, deep roots. We didn't have any information before, so if we check it deliberately now, do you think we can hide him? Besides, wouldn't it be chilling to do such a thing? Camisiro quickly nodded: "Yes, Your Highness!"! I was wrong for a moment. Prince Chen stared at the lineal carefully for a while, his eyes flashing with deep light, then the light disappeared, and returned to a relaxed and calm smile: "In fact, this matter does not need to be too much in mind.". I'm just curious. After all, industrial racking systems ,industrial racking systems, this kind of thunder riding with amazing fighting power really amazes me. If such a powerful force empire can be formed in large numbers. He shook his head again and looked at Camisiro again. "You don't have to be suspicious of Du Wei.". From what I know of Dewey.. It is a good thing that he is willing to show such a card openly now. Just imagine, if the national crisis is imminent, he hides such a powerful army and refuses to use it. So if it's not for the orcs, who is it for? The last sentence has some meaning of killing the heart, Camisiro a listen, immediately out of a cold sweat! That's right! The establishment of the army is used to fight! If Dewey doesn't take it out against the orcs this time, but hides it. Who does he want to use such a powerful army against?! Deal with. Empire? Royalty? Camisiro stopped himself from thinking any more! If he is willing to take it out, it is also a disguised message to us that he is not private. Looking at what Prince Chen said so easily and calmly, Camisiro closed his mouth and fell silent. Later, Prince Chen casually confessed a few things, so that Camisiro left the detailed battle report before ordering him to leave. After Camisiro left, the door of the study closed, and Prince Chen leaned back in his chair, but sighed deeply. Just self-confidence and calm, but now turned into a shallow worry! It means you have no selfishness. Of course that's one of your intentions, Dewey. Prince Chen curled his lips, but said to himself: "But there is another purpose, is to demonstrate against me." Show me what you can do? Is that so? Prince Chen pinched his forehead hard. Dewey, does he know anything about my illness? Know? I do not know? Or do you know and pretend not to know? A little less today, a little more tomorrow. Text-Chapter 625 [Gabriel] It was not until the sixth day after the battle report of the victory at the front reached the imperial capital that the resolution on the award was finally conveyed from the palace. The soldiers of the Eastern Front, the officers who had performed outstandingly in battle, were all rewarded according to the list submitted by the Duke of Tulip in his own handwriting, and according to the provisions of the Imperial Military Law on military exploits. The rest of the soldiers, are to reward the military merit, there is no surprise. The only thing that attracted people's attention was the reward for Du Wei himself. On the premise that the official position and title had reached the top, everyone was guessing what the regent was going to award Du Wei. Could it be. Prince Feng? Or the rank of marshal? Neither seems likely. The prince is the exclusive agency of the royal family. And the marshal.. A twenty-year-old marshal? Moreover, Du Wei's qualifications are far from enough. However, when the details of the award were announced, everything became clear. It seems that the first beneficiary is Du Wei's younger brother, Count Gabriel of the Rollin family. Because of his outstanding performance in the battle, Gabriel was awarded the rank of Major General directly, which is a jump award. Gabriel, who was only a rider before, should have been promoted to the rank of commander (which is the speed that nobles usually enjoy) if he had been promoted according to the normal track, but this time, he skipped the rank of commander and went straight to the rank of general. Anyone with a discerning eye knows that this is a disguised reward for Du Wei: since you can't promote Du Wei's official, then simply promote your younger brother. Anyway, you two brothers are in the same family, and it is the same to reward anyone. But such a big military exploits,warehouse storage racks, just jump to Gabriel's official position is not enough, the reward for Du Wei himself, has become. Fiefdom.