Extra son-in-law

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Qian Bing walked out of the courtyard. He Zifang still stared at the place where his back disappeared and murmured to himself: "He came from the north of the Great Wall. Why did his face change when I mentioned that he came from the north of the Great Wall?

"When I left Jiangning, Qin Lao knew that I had come to Hangzhou and asked me to visit a friend surnamed Qian and send him a letter.". When I arrived a few days ago, I asked casually. Someone said that the old man had gone out to lecture, so I didn't go to his house. I should come back these two days. Tomorrow I will go to see him. Whether he is there or not, the letter will be given to his family. He thought about it and said, "I think it's a good omen to find someone named Qian." "Again." Is he a great scholar? "Probably." Ning Yi smiled, "but I'm not talking to all the old people, just send a letter, nothing else.". And then the next two months are all yours. Su Tan-er was silent for a moment and pushed his head against him: "Yes, accompany." "Oh." Ning Yi nodded and chuckled, "it's accompany." Chapter 211 Chapter 205 Qian Xiwen. The matter of martial arts is not so urgent. Since several people in the family don't agree with it after seeing the small martial arts school, they can put it aside for the time being. It's a big deal to find Geng Guyuan to fight with them in the future. When he was in Jiangning, he actually considered looking for Geng Guyuan and others at home for a period of time. As far as he is concerned, the first few fights with people rely on calmness, calculation, and the kind of ruthlessness that can get away with it. What he lacks is the conditioned reflex developed after a long period of fighting. This is not something that can be practiced by trickery. He also knew that it was not realistic to go out to learn from a teacher, such as Cheng, the leader of the Hundred Swords Alliance, or through Kang Xian, he could find a few Jianghu people who really had a few skills, or even Lu Agui, who followed Kang Xian, I'm afraid it was not easy. These people, we have a relationship,ceramic bobbin element, apprenticeship is no problem, but that kind of thing, the concept is different, for him is just a game psychology, it is not good to trouble these people very formally. Originally, there is a gap between civil and military status. If he goes to learn from his teacher and at the same time shows that "I don't really care about this", such behavior is actually too frivolous. Unless it is really the feelings between good friends and brothers, it is not good to do so. It's easier to find a family member directly. He taught Geng Huyuan's son to study. Geng Huyuan respected him. It's not easy to do it. This is not a big problem. After talking for a while, it's done. But the key is that the people of the Su family in Jiangning are basically the same as Su Tan'er and the three servant girls in concept,10g Ozone Generator, even if they are hostile to him, they all feel in their hearts that he shouldn't really touch any martial arts. That time he persuaded Geng Guyuan, and basically settled the views of Su Tan-er and others, so he practiced at home for a few days. On the first day, Geng Huyuan could not stop, punched him in the face, and then refused to fight with Ning Yi again. Very not easy to persuade him again, but the next day it was fierce, Ning Yi was hit by a few punches on the body, the eyes were also hit by a punch, let him top a circle of black wheels in the evening to eat with his family. For him, he was psychologically prepared to get hurt. In essence, his skill is not high, and the extreme way of exerting force after practicing internal force is not easy to use with Geng Guyuan. Although Geng Huyuan is not a famous master in Jianghu, he has been in the Su family for so many years, and he has seen a lot of real battles. It is said that sometimes the Su family escorts goods, and Geng Huyuan accompanies the command. He has also done a few attacks on the bandits, ceramic welding tape ,ceramic igniter electrodes, and he is very good at it. Ning Yi and his fair competition, can have such a result, that he forced Geng Guyuan sometimes can not stop, has been very good. He planned that as long as he played like this for the first half of the year, with the effect of internal strength, he would be more or less half a martial arts master, but behind his back, he made Geng Huyuan suffer a lot. When he got home, he asked his son to say, "Dad, how can you beat your husband like that?" On the third day, the guard was hardly able to fight back, so Ning Yi did some ideological work for him and hit him again. As a result, he was punched again on the bridge of his nose, with blood flowing and a patch. His injury is not serious, the result is in the home to let the old man see, is very angry, the other people called to curse: "You think I am dead!" " Later, when he found out about Geng Huyuan, he called Geng Huyuan to scold him. When Ning Yi learned that the situation had been excused, he was eloquent and had a natural momentum in doing things, but only in this matter, his family thought it was really strange for him to do such things. They knew that Ning Yi usually liked to tell some legendary stories in Jianghu, but young people had a fierce temper, and it was enough to exercise in the style of gallantry. How could a famous scholar like Ning Yi be beaten black and blue all day. The old man just didn't know whether to laugh or cry: "Really … …" Nonsense.. Then he said, "Master Ning likes to fool around. You are an old man in the family. How can you be so ignorant?" After that, Ning Yi also knew that it was not good to do these things at home in Jiangning, but this time he came to Jiangning, only Su Tan'er and others were beside him, and when things were settled, he could force Geng Guyuan to do it with himself again. If Wen Ding and Wen Fang had something to say, he could scold them and call them to exercise together. The matter was decided, and the next morning, according to the scheduled plan, he went to look for the old man who had been informed by Qin. In Qin Lao's speech, the man's name was Qian Jingru, whose courtesy name was Xiwen. He was an old friend of his and loved books very much. Therefore, he also asked Ning Yi to hand over several books, but the rest did not say much. However, after arriving in Hangzhou, Ning Yi looked for someone to inquire about it, but he probably knew that the Qian family should be a well-known family in Hangzhou, at least the thing that Qian Xiwen went out to lecture could be found out from the general population, which illustrated this point. Ning Yi also knew that Qin Siyuan asked him to send a letter this action is not simple, more or less is to introduce him to a powerful person to know, but with Qin Lao, Kang Xian's contacts are purely accidental, Ning Yi will not think that he can always speak with the old man, this time in the past, but also did not hold the idea of this aspect, simply sent a letter. That morning, he led Xiao Chan out and asked people about the Qian family, but he knew that the Qian family was not only a prominent family in Hangzhou,Ozone generator ceramic plate, but also a famous landlord in Shili Baxiang. It was said that the family had a lot of money. This person surnamed Qian, Xiao Chan's mind immediately burst out of a scene of glittering outbreak of weather, jokingly said to Ning Yi on the road. global-ceramics.com