Flowing moon and cold stars

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But after the crime, she must have realized that it was important and necessary to tell the truth,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, right? Anyway, the whole case revolves around this! Lieutenant, stick to your guns.

The players of Tianxia Club, who have been under pressure all the time, have a chance to be ashamed of their past. It is simply a go all out to press the past, beside those who kill the red-eyed players, there are arrows from the tower on the head, the sirens in the end can not hold out for long. It was swept away like this. When the situation below was completely under control, the remaining archers began to shift their targets to attack the eagles in the sky. Unexpectedly, the second wave was also defended by them, but the price paid was too tragic. You can't help frowning, although they are holding the second wave, but the time spent is too long, if he is not wrong, the third wave is coming soon, they do not even have a breathing time. Not to mention fixing booby traps and clearing the battlefield. In this way, they will fall into a huge passive position later. Sure enough, as he expected, the second wave had just ended, and the players of the World Club had not even had time to catch their breath and clean up the battlefield. The third wave has come. It was the same standard siege formation, with cavalry leading the way, infantry pressing the middle, catapults and climbing ladders at the bottom. It is estimated that this is the first time that the players of Tianxia Club have seen such a situation. All of them were dumbfounded for a moment. Even when the Bloodthirsty Alliance saw their formation for the first time, everyone was shocked. The only person who was calm from beginning to end was probably the freak of Lonely Night Cold Star. Invincible from the beginning did not pay attention to such things as traps,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, from the first wave of use, no one has been sent to repair. And the lonely night cold star, is to find ways to use all the available conditions around, as far as possible with the least investment, get the greatest return, perhaps this is his businessman's instinct. This one comparison, the malpractice of the world invincible appeared again, the data in front of also does not know to recycle for many times. Three thousand people who want your life have just come to their senses,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, and the third wave of monster siege has begun. Unlike the last attack on cold moon city, they also deliberately changed the formation before entering the canyon, this time there are no obstacles ahead, it is simply the world of cavalry. The main force is still a third of the way from the city of the world. The commander suddenly drew his knife and motioned, and the cavalry regiment rushed directly. To the city of the world was caught off guard, archers have been constantly making impenetrable arrows, but the cavalry is not only fast, defense and very high, the arrows rain did not give them much damage, is completely scratch. Just for a moment, they had rushed to the gate under the rain of arrows. The legal team upstairs began to attack them with magic, and the melee team rushed out of the city gate. It seemed that they were trying to pull out the cavalry by means of a human wall. But the AI of the third wave of monsters is obviously better, and instead of fighting with them, they ride horses and constantly collide with the crowd, and the melee group surrounded by human walls falls apart. Cavalry was fighting on the horse, stainless steel welded pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, after the break, is completely like the harvest, close combat team has no time to react, has been sent to the reincarnation. The army behind him also approached unconsciously. The first group of infantry near the bow and arrow shooting range, immediately raised the shield, umbrella scattered around the whole army, unexpectedly also blocked a large number of arrows rain, the army stopped, directly toward the world city to kill the past. The general in the middle drew his knife from time to time, making the troops move and change their formation constantly. The world will be in a passive situation again, under the gate is a rebel cavalry, there is a shield pressure over the army, for a time we have no idea, can only attack as much as possible to attack the monster. The scene was so chaotic that there was no chance or organization. Want your life three thousand eyebrows again, this is just the beginning, he seems to have been able to predict if the catapult came, the defense of the world city will collapse into what kind of. As if to suit his imagination, after approaching the city, the infantry joined the battlefield, and a large number of soldiers rushed into the crowd. With the support of a large number of infantry, the cavalry are as comfortable as fish in water. In the rear, the catapult was ready and the siege ladder was ready. The commander seemed to shout something with a knife, and then they saw that the huge stone of the catapult was thrown high and landed on the gate tower accurately. The French team, who had been concentrating on using magic to congratulate the army downstairs, was caught off guard. One after another, a succession of boulders were thrown onto the gate tower, and the legal system began to escape in a panic. If it was too late to escape, it would immediately turn into a dead soul under the stone. Without the attack of the upstairs legal system, the infantry and cavalry also relieved a lot of pressure, completely turned into a God of death, one knife at a time, harvesting the players of the world. Seeing that the time was ripe, the other side was completely confused. Teams carrying the siege ladder immediately rushed up with the ladder, and the upstairs troops were too busy running for their lives to attack the soldiers trying to climb the wall. The melee group seemed to want to approach and destroy the catapult, but was blocked by cavalry and a large number of infantry, and was killed before they could get close. I want you to see the siege ladder of no less than twenty under the walls of the whole world city. With a deep sigh, "The city of the world is lost." A large number of infantry climbed up from the ladder, killed the archers hidden between the towers, and began to chase and flee to the legal players. The world city has lost its momentum. Then, the three gates of Tianxia City were opened from the inside, and the commander rode into the city with a large army. Almost a moment later, he saw the flag of the city set up in the middle of the world being cut down. Then everyone saw: System announcement: Tianxia City, where Tianxia Society is stationed, has been captured by the monster army, and Tianxia City is lost! All players of Tianxia Club will be punished and drop one level. For a time, some people are happy and some are sad. The new president The world will defend the failure of the city, immediately became the object of the major gangs, the major gossip gangs. The world channel has sympathy,304 stainless steel wire, happiness and misfortune, and persuasion and comfort. It suddenly became very lively. And for the first time, no one in the world has come forward to express any views on this. Could it be that the First World War had completely worn down their spirit. sxthsteel.com