Qiao Zhuangyuan

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After a delay in the street, when he came back from offering sacrifices to his ancestors,heavy duty rack manufacturers, it was dark. A grass lantern hung on the bow of the boat, and there was no wind on the lake, but the cold did not decrease.

"Mr. Mo, what a coincidence! Are you shopping, too?" The magistrate laughed, winked at Chen Wei and whispered, "Do you think he is the emperor's adopted son?" Chen Wei also remembered, squinting and looking at the past. This pink and tender, like a pile of powder, looks comely, refined and elegant man and a figure of a long time ago suddenly overlapped, "Hanlin adults.." He exhaled unconsciously. Hanlin? The magistrate is confused. Is Mo Bei a Hanlin? Mo Bei looked at them with a cold face. The royal children's innate dignity overflowed between their eyebrows. Chen Wei took a breath of cold air and his legs were weak. He trembled slightly and knelt down in the street. Not Hanlin, this young childe once appeared in full dress on the day of Prince Zhao, sitting beside the empress. Queen One day, he recognized it, and the cold sweat slowly slid down from his forehead. He put his hands on the ground and kowtowed with a big ceremony: "I, Chen Wei, kowtow to see Your Royal Highness." The magistrate's face was white and red, red and white, and his mouth was half open. It was really not the prince, but the princess who was held as a treasure by the legendary emperor and queen. On the day of the banquet, he poured the princess's wine as hard as he could. I. I don't know the true face of the childe. I have been neglected. Please forgive the princess. He also knelt down in the street in a panic. The street saw the parents official so, one by one also knelt down, dare not look directly at the beauty of Mo Bei, only Lin Ruoyang and Fang Wanyue stood in astonishment. I don't know the prince. I'm Mo Bei. I have something to do with the emperor, but I am not a prince. In another month,asrs warehouse, if we don't change our minds, I will give you a satisfactory answer. What kind of shocking is that? Maybe I'm more shocking than you? If I were a woman, Brother Lin, what would you do? …… Soft words, vivid in the ear, she has always been a hint, and he was stuck in his own thoughts, not a good analysis. How can there be such a beautiful man in the world? Ai'er is a princess,medium duty racking, a very noble princess. His eyes were covered with dust, but his heart was not, so he was moved by her and fell in love with her uncontrollably. He once said that if Beier was a woman, things would be easier to handle. But when he found out that the sad child was really a woman, he was farther and farther away from her. She is not a tender and lovely child in his arms, she is an unattainable princess. Aiqing, get up. This palace goes out in disguise, did not disturb love Qing, talk about what sin! Get up! Mo Bei said softly. Chen Wei wiped off his cold sweat and got up. "I should have gone to see Guozhang earlier, but I had a heavy business and never made the trip." "It doesn't matter. Business is important.". Lord Chen, is everything done? All right, Princess! We can leave tomorrow. Chen Wei hurriedly said, I don't know if the princess ever knew what he had done these two days, if he knew, he was afraid that the Lord Shi Zhong, who had been sealed with great difficulty, would not be able to keep. That's good. Father, metal racking systems ,radio shuttle racking, let me go back to Luoyang with you. "I must take good care of the princess to reach Luoyang safely." "There is Lao Aiqing." "How are you, Lord Chen?" Jiao Tong looked at one side for a long time and raised his hand to greet Chen Wei. We all work in the palace, usually will meet, calculate the understanding, but the position is different, there is no intersection. Jiao's bodyguard is here too. Ah, little Jiao's bodyguard is here too. The palace's master bodyguard and the princess go together, will find out what, Chen Weihou's clothes are all wet. Yes, Lord Chen. Jiao Ju smiled. Mo Bei didn't want to talk more with these officials and looked at Jiao Tong. The two adults are busy. The princess has something to do. "I will protect the princess." Chen Wei bent over and said. No need, Lord Chen. I'm going to worship the late Lord. You shouldn't go with me. Go to the White Mansion tomorrow morning to pick up the palace, send a few more guards, a lot of luggage. "Sure, sure.". Princess, please get in the car. Chen Wei stretched out his hand to one side. Mo Bei closed his eyes, swept over the crowd, passed Lin Ruoyang and Fang Wanyue, lifted the curtain of the sedan chair, and got into the carriage. Oh, that was close. I'm glad I didn't say anything out of line. Chen Wei patted his chest and comforted himself. Lord Chen, I heard that the princess was not around the emperor when she was young, and returned to the capital when she was seven years old, so the emperor especially blamed himself and loved the princess very much. The magistrate also had a palpitating expression on his face. "Specific is not clear, the queen and the emperor because of misunderstanding, wandering in the folk, and later the emperor went to southern Fujian to suppress bandits, only to meet the queen.". When he returned to Luoyang, he had a queen and a princess. It's very tortuous and strange. Outsiders can't ask more questions. When the emperor mentions the past, he pulls his face. "Is the relationship between the emperor and the queen good?" Chen Wei raised his eyebrows, "that that." The princess looks exactly the same as the queen, this kind of human beauty, the emperor can not spoil, alas, spoil ah, there is a queen in the harem, the former concubines exist in name only. "This empress is very much like a former Number One Scholar who was in the same high school as Benguan. Alas, God is jealous of talents. It's a pity that he died at a young age." "Oh, there are so many stories about the emperor!" "Yes!" The magistrate and Chen Wei stood chatting on the street as if no one was watching. Lin Ruoyang's handsome face was a little twisted. He didn't know what had happened to him, but he knew what he had lost. Sadness once held the purest heart in front of him, but he didn't take good care of it. So noble and delicate little body, block in front of him, for him to receive Xu Da's heavy punch. She was bleeding, and she was relieved that he would be able to protect her. Afraid of being bullied by Xu Da, she took the initiative to run over and ask. With tears and blood in her eyes, she leaned in his arms and kissed him, expressing her heart. Why didn't he realize that the sad son loved him no less than he did. Now he understood, but he was afraid to go. Brother Lin, the princess is so beautiful! The eyes are beautiful and they shine. "Brother Fulin went back to the shop." He turned with a broken heart. I wonder if I'll become like her when I'm a little older? Fang Wanyue said to herself. No, even if there is a woman in the world who is more beautiful than the sad child, no one has the cold, mysterious but a little shy temperament of the sad child. He stood still at the bow of the boat and stared at the night. After a delay in the street, when he came back from offering sacrifices to his ancestors,heavy duty rack manufacturers, it was dark. A grass lantern hung on the bow of the boat, and there was no wind on the lake, but the cold did not decrease. kingmoreracking.com