Special B King in ancient times

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Chu Si used his skill to lighten his own weight and rode his horse forward in a hurry. Every twenty or thirty miles, she jumped

After the two finished their studies, Ma Tengkong went to the north to take revenge, but Lianyunjiao went to the two lakes and the Yangtze River to travel. In the past decades, each of them has created a great foundation. The city of ten thousand horses in the northwest wasteland was so powerful that it was attracted by the forces in the northwest. Even the Central Plains Dynasty named Ma Tengkong as the Marquis of Iron Horse, who was in charge of a state under the Helan Mountains in the northwest. Lianyunjiao was even better. He not only founded the Tengjiao Gang and conquered the land and water forces along the Yangtze River in five years, but also successfully helped the Ma family to gain control of the two lakes, cede territory and establish the State of Chu. The Central Plains Dynasty was unable to go south, so it had to admit their existence with one eye open and one eye closed. In the martial arts, the two men's achievements are almost equal. Lianyunjiao learned swordsmanship at that time. After learning it, he experienced it in Jianghu. According to his teacher's swordsmanship and decades of fighting, he created a Tengjiao Phoenix Sword. It is said that he read the preface of Tengwang Pavilion by Wang Bo, a great poet in the Tang Dynasty. He also wandered in Dongting Lake and the Yangtze River, and finally created this set of swords. As early as more than ten years ago, he entered the realm of a great master, and his achievements at this moment are probably few. It is said that some time ago, Sima Hengdao went south to look for him to compete. Outsiders had no way to know whether he won or lost. But some people said that before Sima Hengdao left, he was full of praise for Lianyunjiao's swordsmanship. I think Lianyunjiao should have gained the upper hand. And even earlier, the Central Plains Confucian Jianghu Hall's sword kamikaze ruthless, also looked for Lianyunjiao to fight swordsmanship, according to Teng Jiao Gang witnessed the first battle between the two, the battle was earth-shaking, and finally ended in a draw, but the wind ruthless claimed to have lost half a move, it seems that Lianyunjiao is indeed no less than the existence of Fuyaozi and evil gods in recent years. This incident once caused a great sensation in the martial arts world in the south of the Yangtze River. Ma Tengkong hasn't been out of Jianghu for ten years. He was famous for his marksmanship. It is said that a golden spear once took the life of the commander of the Khitan army in tens of thousands of fighters. Afterwards, he rode a tall black alien beast horse and left calmly. That battle was the one in which he really became famous. He not only killed the Khitan commander, but also killed dozens of Khitan generals and thousands of troops in one day with only a golden spear and an indefatigable iron horse. The Khitan fighters were frightened by the name of the iron horse, so they no longer dared to harass Wanma City. No one has ever heard of Ma Tengkong's confrontation with a large number of division-level figures. However,Glucono Delta Lactone, according to the rumors in Jianghu, Wen Wan, the last master of Chengxinju and the most wonderful woman in the world, had been to Wanma City, but since then, no one in Jianghu had ever seen Wen Wan again. Outside rumors, all said that the iron horse surrendered Wen Wan, Wen Wan has become the Lord of the city of ten thousand horses, the wife of the king of the iron horse. But these are just rumors, and no one in Wanma City has ever come forward to say anything about it. However, the disciples of this generation of Chengxinju are very close to the younger generation of Wanma City, but this incident seems to prove from one side that these rumors are very likely to be true. If Wen Wan and Ma Tengkong have nothing, the younger generation of characters naturally do not need to go so close. After all, Chengxin is the owner of this house, L Methylfolate Factory ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and every year they rush to Wanma City, but only they know exactly what to do. Lianyunjiao and Ma Tengkong belong to the same master in the world, and their achievements and status are also equal. When they were young, they studied under the same master and had a close friendship. Although they were in the south and in the north these years, they never met again, but their letters never stopped. When they were young, they made a marriage contract for the next generation. Lianyunjiao has only one son, Lian Nu Tao, and no daughter, while Ma Tengkong has two sons and a daughter. It happened that Lianyunjiao's sons, Lian Nu Tao and Ma Shiyu, were born in the same year. As a matter of course, they had an engagement. Sister Ma, this is the first time I've met you. I used to associate with my father and uncle, and I didn't have a chance to see my sister's face. It's really a shame. I didn't expect my sister to be so charming. This is the family heirloom of my family, Baoyu Teng Jiao Qi Feng Pei. It was originally a token of engagement between my father and Jia Ci. When I went out this time, my father specially asked me to take it with me. Unexpectedly, he had already guessed that you would come here. Meeting for the first time, I hope you can accept. ” With what he thought was the gentlest smile on his face, Lian Nu Tao took out a piece of pure white jade from his bosom, carved with dragon and phoenix patterns, and hung a palm-sized piece of jade with red silk thread, and sent it to Ma Shiyu. No wonder even Nu Tao will be so attentive, if Ma Shiyu is willing to change into women's clothes, whether temperament or appearance, will never be worse than Yan Ruyu. Moreover, she is now disguised as a man's dress, more flavor, whether it is the figure, or that nifty appearance, all see the beauty like a fly to see the blood of the general even angry waves can not help themselves. This boy, just now also low three or four with Yan Ruyu, now unexpectedly turned his face and aimed at Ma Shiyu. His identity is there, his position is also there, if for other women, perhaps look at his identity and status, as well as his handsome and extraordinary, natural and unrestrained appearance, naturally will be fascinated. Unfortunately, he met Ma Shiyu, a strange woman who was independent and naughty since childhood. Ma Shiyu did not eat his set. He immediately fell out and snorted coldly, "Get out of here!"! How could Master Ben have anything to do with you, a boy with greasy hair? My father's marriage is his business. What does it have to do with me? Are you worthy of Master Ben! Who cares about your rotten stone? Kang Long looked at one side and raised his thumb secretly. This is a great man. He even dared not admit the marriage set by the previous generation of senior teachers. What is especially commendable is that this girl is the same as Lao Tzu's opinion. What a bullshit childe, a guy with greasy hair and pink face. It's not useful. It's still tough like me. At that time,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, Kang Long wanted to jump out and snatch the broken phoenix pendant from Lian Nu Tao's hand and throw it to pieces on the ground. What is it? Is it so rare? Unexpectedly, even Nu Tao seemed to have no anger at all. He still looked at Ma Shiyu with a gentle and affectionate face. It seemed that the more he looked, the more satisfied he was. He looked like he needed to be beaten. Even Ma Benlei next to him wanted to rush over and punch him in his annoying face. pioneer-biotech.com