Xi Dengzhi

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Just a moment later, its body was bitten by Blackie, and the Jaguar was shocked and angry. Watching the crazy black wolf rush

During the whole process, Xing Ye just opened his eyes slightly, then dragged Miao Fengwu to his side and lay down, and fell asleep again. The next day, the two men woke up in the midst of nature. There is the sound of the wind blowing through the hills, the sound of pheasants looking for food, and the sound of birds wandering in the woods. Xing Ye was in a happy mood and kissed Miao Fengwu on the cheek. "Lazy Lady, get up quickly. The chickens and ducks outside are all hungry. Don't you know how to feed them?" Miao Fengwu was still a little confused, but was amused by his words, and he sobered up: "I just cook and feed chickens and pigs. That's my job. Why don't you go quickly?" With that, she kicked Xingye's leg with her foot. Ha-ha Xing Ye laughed heartily, while reaching to Miao Fengwu's armpit, to tickle her, "but I made a mistake, married you such a fierce lady, refused to do housework, but also dare to kick your husband.." Miao Fengwu was so itchy and sad that he couldn't resist his strength. He simply jumped on him and wrapped himself around him. He continued to act shamelessly, saying, "Then you cook and I feed the chickens and ducks. In short, I can't work alone.." The two men clamored in the tent for a while before they gasped and got up to tidy up their clothes. Maochun listened to the two men outside, and when they had had enough, he sent in the mountain spring water that had been burned. Miao Fengwu waited on Xingye to wash his face and put his hair in a new bun. She simply cleaned herself up and went down the hill to collect the bill. Xing Ye went down the hill and went straight to the barracks. Miao Fengwu returned to the city with two guards. At noon, Miao Fengwu finished her lunch and was about to take a nap when she heard someone coming outside the door. She was familiar with the footsteps and knew that it was Xingye who had come back, so she got up and went out. Has the emperor had lunch yet? Would you like the kitchen to prepare some? Miao Fengwu went up to meet him, untied his cloak, and asked thoughtfully. Xing Ye's face was heavy, but he waved his hand and did not speak. There was a world of difference between his appearance and his mood when he separated from Miao Fengwu in the morning. Miao Fengwu handed over a cup of hot tea and asked carefully, "Your Majesty, is there anything wrong?" Xing Ye took a sip of tea, nodded and said, "I'm afraid we're going back to Angzhou." Miao Fengwu was taken aback. The war had just opened up a good situation, and she thought that Xingye would have to supervise the battle here until the Wei army captured several key cities in the territory of the State of Chen. Is there an urgent report in Beijing? Miao Fengwu had expected something over there. Lian left the capital in a hurry and did not properly arrange for the supervision of the country, but sent a decree to King Jing, asking him to temporarily deal with some urgent affairs during Lian's departure from the capital. Originally did not expect to be able to leave for so long, Lian also believed too much in King Jing's ability to deal with. This morning I received an urgent report from the queen mother. Some people heard that Lian was fighting here, and they thought they couldn't go back for a while. They were eager to try.. When Xing Ye said this, heavy duty warehouse rack , Miao Fengwu already understood. No matter how detailed the matter is, if you don't say it, she can't ask. But when it comes to returning to Beijing, it is very much in line with Miao Fengwu's mind. She left the palace for so many days, really worried about missing Yu Ling, she these nights, as long as she closed her eyes, her mind is full of Yu Ling's figure. Once you have made a decision, you should act immediately. Xing Ye arranged the military affairs after he left, while Miao Fengwu packed up their luggage in the government office. While she was busy, Liu Er came in and said to her, "Empress, there is a General Song outside asking for an interview." Miao Fengwu was stunned at first, and then he understood Song Xianlin's purpose. She sighed, because it was outside, there was no special attention, just tidied up her clothes, and went to the outer room to sit down. Liu opened the door and Song Xianlin came in in a white robe. As soon as Miao Fengwu saw his costume, he remembered the scene in which he was the first to jump to Chengtou to open up the situation for the Wei army when he attacked the city yesterday. There was some regret in her heart, but from a woman's point of view, she knew very well what she should do. After Song Xianlin entered the room, he first made a kowtow ceremony. After Miao Fengwu beckoned him to get up and take his seat, he said to him with a smile, "General Song has become much darker and thinner these days.". Sure enough, sleeping in the open air outside is not as stable as the days in Beijing. ” When Song Xianlin heard her say this, he subconsciously stroked his cheek and said, "Don't you think I look more like a man now?"? I'm begging the empress for this. Miao Fengwu raised her hand to stop him and said, "General Song, although you and I have never had any close contacts, I believe I know more about General Song than most people.". General Song has always been eager to ride on the battlefield, just as eagles are eager to soar in the blue sky. But if General Song came to see me today in order to beg me to speak in front of the emperor and leave you here to fight with the army, then I can only say that I want to refute General Song's face.. "Why?" Song Xianlin did not expect to be blocked back by her before he could speak. Because there were no outsiders in the room, regardless of his emotions, he frowned and jumped up to question Miao Fengwu. Miao Fengwu didn't mind either. She looked at him frankly and said, "On General Song's wedding day, I left home to do business because I was robbed. It's been more than a month now. I don't know if you've ever thought about Princess Xiaoyi waiting for you in the Song Mansion.". When she got the news of our return to Beijing, she was so happy that she thought her newly married husband had finally returned. How do you want me to open my mouth to Princess Xiaoyi and tell her that her new husband was left on the battlefield by me and could not go back? Song Xianlin was asked to stand there, for a long time before snorting: "It is indeed a woman's heart.". When the emperor is employing people, what kind of love is he talking about? When I win the battle, won't I go back? Miao Fengwu's face sank angrily. She didn't care about Song Xianlin's attitude when talking to her. She just felt heartache for Xiaoyi. Since you come to me, you should listen to my thoughts. Because of my robbery, Princess Xiaoyi had married into the Song Mansion and stayed in the empty room for a month. So this time I must take you back to Beijing, so that Princess Xiaoyi and Song Zaifu can see a complete you. omracking.com