Secret Agent Series: The Tyrant's Spying Fat Queen

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Just a moment later, its body was bitten by Blackie, and the Jaguar was shocked and angry. Watching the crazy black wolf rush

"I finally arrived in Yizhou today. I heard that the food in Baoxiang Restaurant is very delicious." Passerby a said excitedly to Passerby B and walked past Xiao Jing and Yu Huangxuan. "Baoxianglou?" Xiao Jing murmured. "Hey, Xiao Jing, what are you paying attention to?" Yuhuangxuan looked at him and knew that he wanted to be curious about what he had and what he didn't have. Obviously, they came to observe the people's feelings, but instead they became tourists. Huang Xuan, let's go and have a look. Xiao Jing strongly suggested. "I'm not interested!" Yu Huangxuan refused. As he walked, he said: "Yizhou is a place of outstanding people. You, the king of Jingjun, the minister of the government and the public, have half of the country's power. Instead of picking out a few beauties, you are curious about the food. If this is spread out, I will feel ashamed and embarrassed for you." Xiao Jing's face immediately came down: "Well, well, let's not go. Now we should find a place to rest, right?" "Well!" It's time to find a place to rest. ———— The night is coming, and the sky over Yizhou is a bright scene of stars embellishing the bright moon. The soft moonlight, sprinkled in every corner of Yizhou, looks hazy and warm. Below, but already very lively. Yu Huangxuan and Xiao Jing left the inn early and went to the street market. The world at night is really beautiful. The streets are decorated with lanterns and colored streamers. They walked in the crowd, more or less favored by the beautiful ladies walking back and forth, and cast adoring eyes on them one after another. Although the surface of Yuhuangxuan was as stiff and cold as a cold-blooded animal, how could he not have observed the eyes of the people around him, especially the women. It was now between his incognito visits,pipe cantilever rack, and it was impossible for anyone to climb up to him. He knew that there would be no good end if he played around and alarmed people who knew his identity. Xiao Jing left in a hurry, because he loved the prosperity of the night in Yizhou so much, he walked.. "Alas!" The dull and tender female voice sounded. Xiao Jing was stupefied. He looked down and knew that he had knocked someone down. He quickly picked up the beauty on the ground and apologized: "I'm sorry, girl. I had no intention just now. I was not careful.." The woman's appearance suddenly came into Xiao Jing's eyes, and half of the words of apology could not be said. Liu Mei, Ying Chun, hook nose, light as water,Steel racking system, skin like snow, white through red, can be described as a water lotus beauty. With half of her hair on her arm, wrapped in a red hairpin, her face with a little makeup and her pink gauze dress, she created a noble, elegant and unworldly fairy. At this moment, Xiao Jing's eyes only left the beautiful woman in front of him. Yuhuangxuan grinned and pushed Xiao Jing, who was in a daze. This Xiao Jing, rare to see him so out of control to a strange woman, is it difficult for him to like this type of delicate beauty? What about him? How does he like it? Think of a woman, the imperial Xuan can not help but think of bubbles, even if not deliberately to think, his mind will automatically emerge. He was thinking that if bubbles could be as beautiful as Zhu Fei and Ling Fei, maybe he.. Why would he ask for her when the dead are gone? "Childe!" The woman called Xiao Jing softly, blushed, Narrow aisle rack ,warehouse rack manufacturer, pushed his hand away, took two steps away, and stood in front of him with her head down timidly. Not to go, not to stay. Xiao Jing was stunned, and only then did he realize that he had lost his temper. Girl, I'm so sorry. "It doesn't matter!" The woman said implicitly and frankly, which surprised the emperor. She could not help sighing again that Yizhou is a treasure land of outstanding people, rich in gentle beauties. " Er.. "For the first time, Xiao Jing didn't know what to do.". At this moment, one servant girl walks up hurriedly, had pulled a woman, ask urgently: "Young Lady, are you all right?"? We should go! "Hum!" The woman looked at Xiao Jing reluctantly and left with the servant girl. Hey, this.. "Xiao Jing was depressed for a while, and his eyes reluctantly watched the beautiful shadow disappear." Hey, Xiao handsome boy! "Yu Huang Xuan is thinking about how to hurt Xiao Jing once, patted Xiao Jing on the shoulder:" People have gone, why are you still reluctant to part? I wonder if you have ever seen a woman. How can this woman attract you? I used to be used to romance, but now I want to find a pure one? It seems that she has already left. I don't know her name and background. It depends on how you contact her. " Xiao Jing glared at the crow's mouth and said, "You only know how to hurt me. Can't you taste something tender occasionally?" Yu Huangxuan raised his eyebrows and said, "Yes, why not?". I didn't stop you from tasting the tender goods, but you have to think about it. The emotion you just showed is not intentional. Are you interested in her? "You are interested in her." Put down the cold words, Xiao Jing turned away. Yuhuangxuan smiled helplessly and kept up with the pace. Just now the master and servant walked a long way to a restaurant and went directly into the box room. The woman is tearing the sleeve anxiously, servant girl sees, ask: "Young Lady, you how?" From just met her, all the way back, she looked back, with reluctance, and with regret, in the end where the problem? "Nothing!" The woman said with a smile, but she still couldn't let go. "Butterfly!" At that moment, a middle-aged lady dressed in bright red and wearing many beaded hairpins came in. When she saw the woman, she stepped forward to hold her hand and sat down, complaining a little. "Butterfly, why didn't you come out without informing your mother?" The willow butterfly hung her head and admitted her mistake: "I'm sorry, Mother. The butterfly made Mother worried." "You." Liu Shi doted and pinched Liu Diefen's cheek. "Even if you want to run away from marriage, don't do this. A girl's family, nothing, how to go out?"? Your father has returned the betrothal gift, so your daughter doesn't want to become a monk. You know, the Qin family is an official, although our family is rich, but no power, is not the richest, we are no match for others. You are the precious daughter of your father and mother. How can you force you to marry? "Mother.." Liu Die immediately burst into tears, "Dad quit the marriage, the Qin family will not find us trouble?" If so, she will marry,Pallet rack upright, she will marry, and she doesn't want to involve her parents. Good boy! How could it be? Liu Shi hugs the butterfly son to comfort a way, actually oneself do not know the family will not come to look for the trouble.